Biodanza Gathering
A True Tribe – Growing in Love

A True Tribe - Growing in Love

Biodanza International Tribal Gathering Netherlands

26 July - 30 July 2023


‘Embraced by Each Other, Embraced by Nature’

An International Event for Adults, Children, Teenagers!
With Antoinette Lorraine & Guest Teachers.

Free dancing, Pow Wow, Pampertime, Singing, Campfire, Drumming, Marketplace
And so much more!

Dear tribe member

This is our 15th Biodanza International Tribal Gathering! It is a camp that has grown organically and some of the children who began are now teenagers and still attending. Together we create a beautiful harmonious environment filled with love and enveloped by nature. What happens is truly a miracle! Everything and everyone is there for this magical transformation to take place and the effects are long lasting! And although tribe members return again and again we welcome new people. Come and join us!

Antoinette Lorraine


We are looking forward to meet you at this special event: We expect that everyone will take part in the Biodanza workshops which is the foundation for this event.


De Zonnebloem, Winterswijk, Netherlands


You can arrive from 2 pm on Wednesday 26  July and departure is 2pm Sunday 30 July.


There is a specific area for car parking and a specific area for campervans.


At 18:00 in the Vlinder Tent



For everybody will be at 20:00 in the Alchemist tent.


Each morning there will be a Pow Wow (camp meeting) where the whole camp will meet to tell the days events.


Please bring your drum with you if you have one. You are also welcome to bring other percussion instruments and drums for around the campfire.


Other events will be on offer: It is possible for you to offer something informally – you can announce it at the Pow Wow.


There will be a market place Bazaar Saturday afternoon for you to sell any creative art/craft or so on (like handmade jewellery, paintings and anything creative).


During the free times you can offer on an informal basis any type of healing, massage,singing and so on for your pleasure either by swapping, or at no cost or at a small cost. We will provide a board for you to advertise what you offer and you can announce it at Pow Wow.


Parents are responsible for their children. During the Biodanza workshops the child minders will take care of the children.  There will be Biodanza workshops for children and also creative workshops for children.


There will be Biodanza ‘Life’ workshops for the Teenagers and also creative ‘life’ workshops for the teenagers.



An International Event for Adults, Children, Teenagers!

With Antoinette Lorraine & Guest Teachers

Antoinette Lorraine

Organizer & Biodanza teacher

Jhari Schovers

Biodanza guest teacher

Suzanne Kasander

Biodanza guest teacher

Esmeralda Hasselo

Biodanza guest teacher

Heidi de Wit

Biodanza guest teacher

Marlies de Hoogh

Biodanza guest teacher

Merel Sloot

Biodanza with Teenagers

Ada Knol

Biodanza with Children

Henny Strijker

Biodanza with Children

Emilia Gorseman

Creative with Children

Tribal Keepers

Our Tribal Keepers are volunteers who prepare the camp. They also make
sure that everything is going smoothly during the camp.

Some of our Keepers have been coming every year since we began the
gathering and they put a lot of  effort and energy
into making the camp beautiful for everyone.


Adults Camping €420

Adults attending with children camping: €405 each adult

Children til 18 yrs €110 : Fully inclusive and childminding.

Teenagers over 18 yrs €150

If you come from afar there are some beautiful shared bell tents available to hire  complete with bedding, towels (glamping) at extra cost. (please ask)

There are some cabins available for hire at extra cost; (please ask)

**Cost is fully inclusive of accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, all workshops and events**.

The food is delicious and vegetarian

The languages spoken are English and Dutch so suitable for everyone as translation for any language  can be available if needed


How to pay

Deposit of €150 to D C de Gram NL98 INGB 0002695632 ‘Tribal Gathering’

Please tell me when you have made your deposit payment:


Registration at the main Biodanza Tent (Alchemist Tent) at 19:00-19:30

What to bring

Please bring anything for your comfort and to help to make this a special and pleasurable event for everyone.

And don’t forget to bring: a torch (light), rain boots, rain clothes as well as sun clothes, hammocks and so on.

Please also bring any games for the children AND for the children’s area (NO ELECTRONIC GAMES).


You can contact me through this contactform or directly by email to

Love to welcome you there !